CDJ Today: August 4 in Classic Rock

August 4, 1975�-�Led Zeppelin’s tour is postponed following Robert Plant’s�serious auto accident on the�small Greek island of Rhodos. �Plant has�multiple fractures of �his ankle, bones supporting his�foot, and elbow. Doctors initally tell Plant he may never walk again. His�wife, Maureen, also in the car, suffers a lengthy period of concussions, and breaks�her leg in several places, plus�has four fractures of the pelvis and facial lacerations. Plant’s son, Karac, 4, suffers a fractured leg and multiple cuts and bruises. His daughter, Carmen, 7, has a broken wrist, cuts and bruises. �Rhodos’ medical facility is so ill-equipped that Zeppelin’s label, Swan Song, flies a medical team there�in a chartered jet equipped with stretchers, blood plasma and other�necessities.