Air Force General Warns of War With China in 2025

Air Force General Mike Minihan, the head of the Air Mobility Command, in a USAF memo released Friday called for aggressive efforts to prepare for war against China in 2025, including orders to “aim for the head” in firearms training.

“I hope I am wrong. My gut tells me will fight in 2025,” Minihan said in the internal memo, titled “February 2023 Orders in Preparation for – The Next Fight” and dated Feb. 1. It was obtained by NBC News.

Minihan, a C-130 transport plane pilot who now commands the Air Force’s cargo jet fleet and other refueling and transport aircraft, has warned of Chinese aggression in the past. He gave a speech last summer at a conference titled, “The Mobility Manifesto,” where he claimed the U.S. military was not ready to “fight and win inside the first island chain” in the Pacific against the Chinese military in a potential conflict.

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