Dick Morris to Newsmax: ‘Hillary Running in 2024’

Dick Morris, author and political adviser to former presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, told Newsmax Friday that comments recently by Clinton and his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, about the need for more control at the border are to clear a path for her to run for president again after Democrats lose the congressional majority in the midterm elections.

“[Bill] will being a voice for Hillary running for president [in 2024], which is what that interview is all about,” Morris said during “Prime News” Friday, referring to the former president’s comment that the nation can withstand an influx of only so many immigrants.

“Hillary is biding her time until the congressional elections. She and Bill know that the Republicans are going to take both houses; and then Hillary is going to come back and she’s going to say, ‘See what happens when you go too far left, what happens when you are way, way, over left? What you have to do is go back to what Bill did and what I did when I was first lady: govern from the center.'”

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