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Bob & Tom

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Tommy G. was born in Cleveland, OH in 1953. He's a 1971 graduate of University School in Chagrin Fall, OH and a graduate of Columbia University. Tom began working in radio down in Florida and later moved to Michigan before teaming up with Bob Kevoian.  

Bob was born in Los Angeles, California in 1950. He's a 1973 graduate of Long Beach State University.  Bob traveled extensively with "The Young Americans" theater group before beginning his radio career in Michigan in 1979. Bob along with his partner Tom Griswold established "The Bob & Tom Show" in early 1983. This comedy-based early morning program is among the highest rated in American radio.

Bob & Tom were recognized for their achievements in 1993, '95, '97 and '99 by winning the prestigious Marconi Award presented by the National Association of Broadcasters. This made The Bob & Tom Show the only program to become a four time winner of this award.

From '91 to '98 Bob & Tom repeatedly received "The Billboard Magazine Radio Personality of the Year" award and in 1996, BOB&TOM were awarded the National Chairman's Citation Award from the Leukemia Society of America for their fund/awareness raising efforts for the Leukemia Society.

Bob & Tom are not only recognized for comedy, they're also well known for their charitable work. Their 30-plus comedy albums have generated millions of dollars which they have donated to various local charities. 

Tom also has produced recordings for comedians Heywood Banks, Rodney Carrington, Paul Gilmartin, Sean Morey, Tim Wilson as well as "Bob & Tom Band" musical director, Steve Allee.