Mike Sheffield

Mike Sheffield hangs out with you “On the Job” on Z 1023!  Playing your favorite Classic Rock from 10-3.  Featuring the Psychedelic Lunch Truck at Noon.

When Mike is off the air and out of the studio he spends time with his kids 3 girls and 1 boy ranging in age from 25-12.

They do their best to keep Dad young and hip. Making sure he’s up on the latest lingo.  My son will be serving our Country in the United States Army.  As a Dad. His sisters and I couldn’t be any more proud of him!

Time at home involves lots and lots of grilling.  Yes even in Erie winters.  Like entertaining and music.  Grilling is another one Mike’s passions.  “Grilling brings out the natural tastes of food.  From meats to veggies to fruit.  I love it all!”

Mike also spends time training in many forms of Martial Arts.  “Keeps you balanced”  and “Prepared”.   “Training is intense.  Tossing log skidder tires, climbing rope and standing walls, shimmying across a rope over ponds to weapons training”.   “It’s important to merge Mind, Body and Soul, and this for me is how I do that”.   It’s not about getting big muscles.  It’s about harmony.

Sometimes you will find Mike spending time with Veterans and being involved with Veterans events.  One of my best friends and trainer is retired Navy Seal.  “I enjoy Listening to Veterans or anyone serving.   Just having a cold beverage with them.  Or, eating enormous amounts of food!  I feel it’s important that we remind them of just how appreciative my kids and I are for their service.

You will also find Mike attending many concerts in the region.  From Rock to Country to Pop.  “I’m fascinated with the staging and production.  “Did that stuff for a while in my youth.  So I know what goes in to making a successful show for the audience”.

When you ask Mike about his career as an “On- air Personality”  Mike says.. ”It’s about the people!  They have allowed me to work with them.  Ride in the Car, Truck, or Van with them. Taking me on Vacation with them listening on our free downloadable apps.  We’ve attended some concerts together, and many local events.  While there as so many faces. Some I recognize.  Some I don’t.

It is a pleasure sharing a God given talent with everyone.  Only hoping that through whatever you may be going through in your lives good or bad.  I hope I’m able to take you to a place for just one moment where you understand that everything will be alright!”


E mail Mike here  [email protected]