Global Summit XII programs now available as FREE Video-on-Demand on JES Website!   

Programs from the recent Jefferson Global Summit XII Digital Summit speaker series are now available for live streaming on demand on the Jefferson Educational Society website,, and the Jefferson’s YouTube channel.

All programs are free and available on the sites.

The Jefferson hosted the free digital speaker series over a three-week period from May 10 to May 27 – featuring prominent speakers such as pandemic experts Dr. Michael Saag and Dr. Leana Wen, America’s top astronomer Avi Loeb, and authors and media experts David Ignatius, Susan Page, Karen Tumulty, James Fallows, and Deborah Fallows.

The summit also featured conservative scholar Nile Gardiner; urban experts Camille Busette, Rashawn Ray, and Jeffrey Brown; first deputy White House National Climate Adviser to President Biden Ali Zaidi; Christopher Hill, former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, South Korea, Poland, and Macedonia; and Gerald Seib, the Wall Street Journal’s Washington executive editor and author of “We should have seen it coming: From Reagan to Trump – a front-row seat to a political revolution.”

JES website visitors can also sample the 180 other programs produced by the Jefferson since early 2020, as well as the more than 150 publications from a variety of writers, authors, and essayists.

The Jefferson will also hold a second summit in 2021, Global Summit XIII, which will be an in-person speaker series highlighted by former President George W. Bush. More details on the next summit will be forthcoming.