Community Schools Drive Coats & More for Kids

We need your help! Thousands of Erie County children walk to school every day and the average walk to school is one mile. For many of our neediest children that means a miserable one mile walk to school every day this winter without a coat, hat, or gloves.  

So we’re teaming up with Burger King, Thrifty Dry Cleaners and the United Way of Erie County for community coats and more.  

Here’s how it works….first, go to your closet. Get those gently worn winter coats, hats, gloves, scarves and boots that your kids have outgrown. Bring them to any one of the 9 area Burger King locations from December 1st through the 3rd.  

Drop them in the collection box. Our friends at Thrifty Dry Cleaners will clean your donations so they look and feel like new and the United Way of Erie County will distribute everything to needy school children attending a community school in Erie County.  

You’ll get a very warm feeling and so will the kids. Get your outgrown coats, hats, & gloves together and we’ll see you at Burger King starting Friday. 

26th & Elm
2626 Broad St 
Erie, PA 16503 
(814) 456-5629 

213 S Franklin St
Titusville, PA 16354
(814) 827-9608 

North East 
99 W Main St 
North East, PA 16428 
(814) 725-1990 

7517 W Ridge Rd 
Fairview, PA 16415 
(814) 474-1908 

Upper Peach  
7800 Peach St 
Erie, PA 16509 
(814) 868-8594 

Lower Peach
4205 Peach St 
Erie, PA 16509 
(814) 868-3322 

26th & Peninsula 
2872 W 26th St
Erie, PA 16506 
(814) 833-8869 

817 Park Ave 
Meadville, PA 16335 
(814) 337-5004 

Buffalo Rd 
4405 Buffalo Rd
Erie, PA 16510 
(814) 899-1371